All manufacturers of photo, video and imaging products are entitled to qualify for a TIPA Award. In order to be eligible for a TIPA Award, products should be introduced in most world markets between April 1st of the preceding year and March 31st of the voting year. Commercialization of the product should be no later than June 30th of the voting year.
TIPA Awards are independently voted on by the General Assembly every year, so there is no formal application procedure to follow for manufacturers or companies who are willing to win a TIPA Award. By informing TIPA members about the launching of new products, you will automatically be considered for a TIPA Award. So be sure to keep information flowing on a regular basis.
Most TIPA members conduct their own product testing in order to give their readers informed and first-hand product reviews. Those manufacturers who want to ensure that their new products are considered in the annual voting session are invited to send a sample directly to the TIPA magazines so that they can be evaluated and tested in detail. All arrangements for product testing and return shipping must be clarified directly with the magazines themselves.
A winning product should prove to be the very best in its category. TIPA editors take into account innovation, the use of leading-edge technology, design and ergonomics, ease-of-use, as well as price/performance ratio. Please keep in mind that TIPA always awards the best products in each category according to its own rules and judging criteria. Under certain circumstances, TIPA may officially request some additional company information and/or a demonstration of those products that they may consider deserve a TIPA Award.

Agenda 2015

Product Launch: 1 April 2014 to 31 March 2015
Awards voting date: Spring 2015
Place: Dubai, United Arab Emirates