It all started in Paris on April 16'th, 1991. After several years of discussions and meetings about the idea of the creation of a photo press association, editors representing 25 European photo magazines finally met at the Hotel Meridien for the foundation of the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA). Founders knew they wanted to start a large non-profit association, not a lobby of a few selected members, nor a marketing tool. So they invited all the European photo magazines eligible for membership to join. Instantly, TIPA became the largest family of independent European photo & imaging magazines made up of the most expert editors.
At a meeting in Barcelona on September 13'th, 1991, TIPA members elected Juan Manuel Varela (FV magazine) as Chairman, Richard Hopkins (Practical Photography) and Francisco Torres (FotoVentas) as Vice Chairmen, George Hughes (Which Camera?) as Secretary and Fré Withoff (Foto) as Treasurer. Elected as advisors were Giulio Forti (Reflex), Philip Kruyer (Foto&Doka) and Gerard Bouhot (Phot'Argus). On this same day, the first TIPA Awards ceremony was held during the Sonimagfoto show.
When the European governments decided that the "Old Continent" was going to be transformed into the largest economic area in the western world, the photography industry also had to redefine its strategy. With this epochal change, even photo magazines had to rethink their future and TIPA decided to open its doors to new members from the eastern European countries. This helped to foster camaraderie and friendship among editors from many different countries and a better understanding among professionals from different cultures.
At the General Assembly 2009 held in Budapest, TIPA members voted to transform the association from a European into a global organization of photo and imaging magazines. With the world getting smaller, TIPA decided the time had come to grow and strengthen its image and influence at an intercontinental level. With this decision, TIPA opened its membership doors to non-European members. TIPA is eager to be able to spread its message of enthusiasm and optimism about photography to a huge audience worldwide and make the power of its logo more effective than ever.

Since 1991, TIPA members meet at least once a year at the General Assembly to discuss projects, share opinions and comment on industry innovations and trends. During these three-day meetings, TIPA editors also vote for the best photo & imaging products of the year. The association also often organizes visits to historical or well-known photographic sites or arranges meetings with managers and engineers at factories of large as well as small companies.