TIPA Awards are recognized as the most coveted photo and imaging awards worldwide.

When TIPA member magazines began the TIPA Awards, they decided that they wanted an award the industry could be very proud of. Only products that the General Assembly think deserve our recognition are taken into consideration for voting
Every year, TIPA editors vote for the best photo & imaging products introduced to the market during the previous 12 months. TIPA editors take into account innovation, the use of leading-edge technology, design and ergonomics, ease-of-use, as well as price/performance ratio. Since TIPA member magazines range in content and goals, the award voting process benefits from a wide range of expertise. As a result, the TIPA Awards are bestowed through a majority of votes by very experienced editors.
Every year, there are many different kinds of awards presented in all sectors of commerce, industry, and the arts. Some are sold, others are bought. But thanks to our independent voting procedure, only the products that really deserve it can unexpectedly win a TIPA Award. And that's why they are so prestigious.

The categories

The list of the TIPA Awards categories is regularly updated according to the market's technological trends. Therefore, the categories continually change and some categories awarded in past editions may not be taken into consideration for the next TIPA Awards. In any case, TIPA drops or adds categories as it sees suitable in order to reflect the current industry trends.