LG Digital Cinema 4K Monitor (Model 31MU97Z)

To meet the increasingly exacting demands for both still and 4K video editing, the LG Digital Cinema 4K offers 10-bit colour depth, said to be 64X richer than an 8-bit display with smoother transitions in gradients and more natural colour rendition. It supports Adobe RGB over 99.5% on the IPS display. DCI colour standard support insures video footage edited in post will have accurate rendition of shadow, colour saturation and brightness. Still images can be split via a “Dual Color Space” feature that makes viewing of an image for both sRGB (web) and Adobe RGB (print) possible. The unit also has a pivot feature for viewing landscape or portrait orientation as well as built-in colour management controls. Connectivity is via Thunderbolt™ 2 and there are two internal MAXXAUDIO 5W speakers, for business or pleasure as you work.