Manfrotto 190GO! Carbon Fiber

There is no question that a tripod both enhances still and video images as well as opens up many more shooting possibilities, yet their weight and size often discourage photographers from carrying them. Manfrotto has responded with an emphatic Go with their new 190 Go! Carbon, a full featured tripod that is light and collapses down to a very portable size. When fully extended the tripod can achieve a maximum height of 147cm (57 inches) yet it can be collapsed down to a bit over 47cm (18.7in). The new model weighs just 1.4kg (2.9lbs). It features twist lock legs, a 90 degree centre column that can be used for horizontal and macro work, and a low shooting height of 7cm (2.76in). The tripod can support up to 7kg (15.43lbs).