Samsung 45mm f1.8 (2D/3D) lens

The first 3D one-lens system for a consumer camera, the Samsung 45mm f/1.8 3D lens (near 70mm 35mm equivalent) for the company?s NX300 camera (and perhaps others to follow) can also be set for 2D capture. To capture 3D images the user activates the 3D switch and a secondary lens group comes into play, which then sends two separate images to the sensor, somewhat akin to stereo adapters of old for film cameras. The dual-shutter mechanism in the lens barrel switches back and forth during exposure to create the left/right parallax effect in both still and video recording. When capturing, the lens projects the entire image onto the full sensor each time. The image processor in the camera handles the rest, creating stereo images in both still and video that can be viewed on a compatible TV.