UniqBall Ball Head

Ball heads are both practical and versatile for a wide range of shooting situations and terrain, making them a prime choice for nature and outdoor photographers. UniqBall has expanded on the concept by creating a ball head that combines traditional functionality with that of a gimbal head, a pan and tilt head, and a fluid video head, while also having an integrated levelling ball for shooting with a perfectly straight horizon. The UniqBall, which comes in two sizes/load capacities, is an Arca-type compatible ball head with an integrated levelling base and bubble level, and comes with a quick release plate and case. Uniqball heads are designed so that once the outer red shell is levelled and fixed, the inner ball only allows a pan and tilt movement. Conventional ball head use can be accomplished by locking the inner black ball and only using the outer red shell for adjustments.
and comes with a quick release plate and case.