Uniqball iQUICK3Pod

This durable and flexible tripod has 3-section support with 10-layer carbon fibre-constructed legs. Turning the twist locks and extending the legs allows the tripod to reach a maximum height of 62″. The independent leg spread allows it to conform to uneven terrain, plus the legs can completely splay out to bring the tripod to a minimum height of 3.5-inches. The tripod is very portable, folding down to 22.2 inches when not in use. One of the most unique features of the tripod is an easy to replace built-in levelling base. Located at the top of the tripod, it helps straighten out horizons, and features a 3/8″-16 male threaded mount. The lQuick3Pod can deliver sturdy support, handling heavy gear like larger cameras and long telephoto lenses with a maximum loading capacity of 45 kilograms.