Camera testing

It is an exclusive service that TIPA provides to its member publications on a regular basis.

To further support TIPA members with regular exclusive testing reports, TIPA appointed Image Engineering GmbH & Co., located in Cologne, Germany. This independent testing lab, with a worldwide reputation, performs routine digital camera tests based on an objective testing method.

TIPA’s Technical Committee worked closely with Image Engineering to ensure that these tests will provide additional, in-depth metrics and cover four main areas: image quality, camera speed, features, and handling. The reports can be used by all TIPA member publications to support their reviews of new cameras for their readers.

worthy appraisal of photo and imaging products. Their magazines and websites have built a loyal following among their readers. Each member publication is engaged in the selection and final vote in the TIPA WORLD AWARDS process to name the Best Photo and Imaging products of the year.

TIPA Association cannot only be characterised as an organisation that bestows TIPA WORLD AWARDS to the very best products, but also as an active and committed association that plays an important role in the industry. Visits to factories and meetings with leaders of major companies have ensured that TIPA is a recognised interlocutor that the industry listens to.