Olympus mju Tough 8000

The Olympus ? (mju) TOUGH-8000 is perfect for those who want to push things to their limits. It’s waterproof to 10m, shockproof to falls from up to 2m, freeze-proof down to temperatures as low as -10?C and crushproof to weights of up to 100kg. Being tough doesn’t mean that the camera doesn’t have advanced photographic … Read more

Kodak EKTAR 100

Kodak Professional Ektar 100 is not just another ISO 100 colour negative film. The Ektar 100 (in both 35mm and 120 formats) is a new kind of film that incorporates Kodak Vision, a motion picture film technology, to achieve super fine grain and provide high saturation and ultra-vivid colour for best enlargement capability when scanning … Read more

Kodak OLED Wireless Frame

OLED technology is known for generating super colour depth and saturation display panels. Kodak is first adopting it for a top class 7,6-inch photo frame with a built-in Wi-Fi to upload images, video and music. Images are processed to optimize the quality with an 800×480 resolution, while brightness is adjusted based on room light.

Leica M8.2

The Leica M8.2 digital rangefinder camera is a significant development of the M8 predecessor. The new snapshot mode ‘S’ is intended for use in reportage conditions, controlling the key features automatically, such as exposure, ISO speed setting and white balance. The noise and vibration of the shutter action have been reduced, improving the ‘M-Feeling’ of … Read more

Lowepro Classified AW, series

The Lowepro Classified AW series is a new breed of camera bags, created with the unique requirements of the photojournalist in mind, inside and out. Classified AW shoulder bags conceal photographers’ gear (and their mission) with a discreet and slim profile, contoured to be comfortable, move easily with the body and help navigate a busy … Read more

Nikon D3x

Designed on the D3, the Nikon D3x with a 24.4 MP 24x36mm sensor is dedicated to true skilled pro photographers. Beautifully built, with a super 100% viewfinder and a reassuring grip, the D3x combines very high resolution and sensitivity. A first great feature for high-end photography.

Nikon D90

In its compact body the Nikon D90 offers a true concentrate of technology with a great innovation for a D-SLR: the possibility of making HD videos. Its CMOS sensor offers the definition and quality of the successful D300 for a much lower price. A true sturdy and all-terrain D-SLR.

Nokia N86

The new Nokia N86 8MP, with an f/2.8 Zeiss wide-angle zoom lens and an 8MP sensor, represents a new step forward in that specific segment. The device sports centre weighted exposure, 1/1000 sec. shutter speed, multimode flash and several scene modes with macro down to 10cm, not to mention advanced communication and location technologies.

Noritsu D502

The Noritsu D502 is a new double-sided inkjet printer that provides retailers exceptional versatility and value with its ability to produce both traditional photo prints along with a wide array of photo gifting products. The D502 makes it easy to create greeting cards, calendars, posters, signs, scrapbooks, banners, enlargements and photo books, generating exciting new … Read more

Olympus E-620

This lightweight 4/3 DSLR camera, features enough technologies to satisfy all novice photographers. Beyond the 3200 ISO sensitivity of its Live MOS 12.3 MP sensor, we welcome its autofocus system with 7 points, several artistic filters and the swivelling display which allows the use of Live View from all angles.