broncolor Senso, series

The broncolor Senso series combines easily controllable flash power and compact size. The Senso power pack is available in two power versions, offering 13 to 1200 or 26 to 2400 joules (Ws) flash energy for up to three lamps in two channels. Appealing and practical features include constant colour temperature over three f-stops and a … Read more

Fujifilm Frontier DL600

Fujifilm’s Frontier DL 600 ?dry? minilab was developed in response to the growing demand from small and medium sized photo shops for a versatile and inkjet-based printing production unit. The DL 600 features a 720 dpi mode for regular printing and a 1440 dpi high quality print mode, and is equipped with a new ink … Read more

HARMAN by Hahnem?hle, series

HARMAN Professional Inkjet by Hahnem?hle offers a wide range of impressive archival papers in baryta, cotton base and canvas finishes in both warm and cold tone varieties. The photographer can choose whatever paper fits their visual tastes and needs. TIPA members were impressed by the papers themselves, as well as their appeal to traditional darkroom … Read more


The increased popularity of this new category of imaging devices made choosing among the list of candidates difficult, but the PICSIO emerged as our choice because of its efficient combination of waterproof, rugged body and Full HD 1080p video, supporting both MPEG-4 and H.264 formats. Besides being an able pocketcam, it doubles as a 5MP … Read more

Kodak Professional PORTRA 160

Kodak PORTRA 160 is evidence that the emulsion-builders? art is not lost and indeed continues to be refined and perfected. The colour negative film features a significantly finer grain structure for improved scanning and enlargement capability in today?s workflow. PORTRA 160 delivers exceptionally smooth and natural skin tone reproduction, and because of its superior ‘scanability’ … Read more

Kodak PULSE Digital Frame W1030S

Kodak’s PULSE Digital Frame allows users to receive photos wirelessly via Email through a WiFi connection, even from mobile phones and Facebook. The Quick Comment button makes it possible to communicate back to picture senders directly from the display, with short colloquial phrases. To save energy, the PULSE contains a built-in activity sensor that automatically … Read more

LG Infinia PZ950

3D has become a more and more important feature for home cinema enthusiasts as well as for 3D content created by photographers adopting capable still cameras and camcorders. The LG PZ950 uses improved Plasma display technology, achieving a remarkably high standard when displaying 2D and 3D movies and photos. Its picture enhancing technologies result in … Read more

LG IPS236 / IPS231

High colour accuracy is important to amateur and enthusiast photographers so they can fully appreciate the quality potential in their images. The 23-inch LG IPS monitor series offer excellent image quality at an affordable price point. Compared to conventional technology, IPS panels show a precise colour rendering and allow a better colour impression, independent from … Read more

Mitsubishi Gift Kiosk

Expanding image ?uses? by consumers has always been a goal of the industry and retailers. Packaging a kiosk as a gifting idea centre both makes use of the versatility of digital images and aids consumers in creating unique items from those images. This self-service kiosk offers availability to all popular print sizes, index prints, calendars, … Read more

Mitsubishi HC9000D

Mitsubishi brings the 3D experience to home theatres with its Diamond HC9000D 1080p full HD home theatre projector. The projector has a 120Hz refresh rate for ultra-smooth transitions and very natural images, while a comprehensive management function allows individual adjustment of each colour characteristic without affecting the other colours. Mitsubishi also has incorporated extra-low dispersion … Read more