CEWE PHOTOBOOK Cover with Enhancement

Photo books are ideal venues for special photos of family or vacations, special themes like weddings, and fine art imagery. Perhaps most importantly, they are a legacy item that insures that images just don’t sit idle and unseen on hard drives. The first impression any photobook makes is its cover, and that’s where the wide … Read more

Panasonic LUMIX DC-G9

The Lumix G9 delivers state-of-the-art image quality paired with an astonishing frame rate. The mirrorless camera delivers up to 60 fps in both JPEG and Raw formats incorporating DFD-AF with only 0.04 second lock focus speed. Equally impressive is the built-in stabilization system. It compensates up to 6.5 stops as well as providing a high … Read more

Vanguard Alta Pro 2+ 263CGHT

Tripods should be sturdy and versatile, while able to handle wedding, portrait, action, macro and low light captures with ease. The Alta Pro 2+ 263CGHT is offered as a kit that includes a carbon fiber tripod with a patented Multi-Angle Center Column, along with a unique ALTA GH-300T pistol grip ball head that can be … Read more

DJI Mavic Air

Travellers and outdoor photographers seek a packable drone that enables them to make exciting videos of their adventures without hauling heavy and cumbersome gear. The DJI Mavic Air weighs a mere 430 grams (15 oz), and has folding arms and propellers that sit flush against its slender frame, making it comparable to the size of … Read more

Panasonic LUMIX DC-GH5S

The LUMIX GH5S can handle both ends of the image capture spectrum – both still and video — although it tips the scales towards the video side. The camera boasts the highest sensitivity of any LUMIX, particularly in low light. The camera’s 10.2MP High Sensitivity MOS sensor utilizes “Dual Native ISO Technology” to dig into … Read more

WD G-DRIVE mobile SSD R-Series

One of the most important pieces of housekeeping digital photographers can perform is making sure that images are safe and secure. The R-Series SSD is a pocketable yet rugged device that measures a mere 94x 50 x 14.5mm (3.74 x 1.97 x 0,57 inches), which means that location photographers can easily carry one along on … Read more

DxO PhotoLab

Advanced and pro photographers seek a full suite of image editing and processing tools in one program that enables getting the most from their images. DxO has now evolved their award-winning program, DxO Optics Pro, renowned for its RAW format processing capabilities, to include local selection and adjustment tools utilizing Nik Software’s U Point technology. … Read more

Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS200/TZ200/TZ220

One of the most popular camera configurations for pros and enthusiasts alike is a pocketable, wide-range zoom camera that offers a wide range of features and excellent image quality; all attributes of the LUMIX TZ200. The 1-inch 20.1MP High sensitivity MOS sensor can be set up to ISO 12,800 (or expanded to ISO 25,600), making … Read more

Elinchrom ELB 500 TTL

Whether in studio or on location, pro photographers benefit from lighting solutions that are flexible and fast while offering a full range of lighting options in a highly portable package. The ELB 500 TTL has a feature set that includes TTL or manual settings, HSS (high-speed sync) at up to 1/8000 second, and compatibility with … Read more

Samsung 360 Round

With the ever-increasing growth, availability and ease of posting 360 degree images, and the sophistication and “link-ability” of manufacturer apps to social media sites, 360-degree imagery is poised to become a much more popular photographic pastime. The Samsung 360 Round is designed for enthusiasts who enjoy developing and streaming high-quality 3D content. This unique camera … Read more