TIPA continues offering camera tests to its members

MADRID, 14/12/09 – Camera testing is one service that the Technical Image Press Association provides to its member magazines on a regular basis. Most TIPA members conduct their own product testing in order to give their readers informed and first-hand product reviews. To further support TIPA members with the testing of digital cameras, TIPA has … Read more

TIPA Ad-campaign to promote “TIPA Awards logo”

MADRID, 15 September 2009 – The TIPA Board of Directors have launched a second ad-campaign during 2009 to help promote the blue TIPA Awards logo. The first ad-campaign, which was launched in spring, portrayed a bunch of similar-looking apples. The second campaign portrays a large school of fish. Both images support the ad’s message of … Read more

TIPA awards the best photo and imaging products of 2009

MADRID, 17 April 2009 – The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) announces the winners of the XIX round of the TIPA Awards. The best imaging products of 2009 were voted on at the association’s General Assembly on 2 April 2009 in Budapest. The editors of the 25 member photo magazines from 11 European countries met … Read more

TIPA offers 4 award-winning cameras in readership survey drawing

MADRID, 22 April 2009 – In order to increase participation in the 2009 Readership Survey, TIPA offered one each of the four 2009 TIPA-Award-winning DSLR cameras as prizes. All readers from participating TIPA member magazines who turned in a survey qualified for the drawing. The drawing took place at the office of the public notary … Read more

One year of TIPA Quick Polls

MADRID, 23 November 2009 ヨ Starting in October 2008, the TIPA website began launching a monthly Quick Poll feature. Every month, a question with five possible responses has been posted on the TIPA website (www.tipa.com) for website visitors to vote on once. The poll questions have ranged from product preferences and purchasing intentions to other … Read more

TIPA members to meet in Budapest

MADRID, 30 March 2009 – The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) announces that the editors of the prestigious association’s member photo and imaging magazines will meet in Budapest, Hungary from 2 – 4 April to attend the XIX General Assembly. During this event, the members will discuss the organisation’s internal affairs as well as future … Read more

TIPA Celebrates a Successful Awards Ceremony

Madrid, 10 June 2009 – The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) successfully celebrated its 19メth TIPA Awards ceremony sponsored by Koelnmesse at the stunning Grandhotel Schloss Bensberg near Cologne, Germany. Representatives of the 26 winning companies were present to receive the prestigious TIPA Award trophies for the 40 awarded products this year.   The TIPA … Read more

TIPA goes global with new members from Canada, South Africa and USA

BUDAPEST, 3 April 2009 – In 1991, 25 European photo magazines decided in Paris to give birth to the Technical Image Press Association to promote cooperation and understanding between magazines from different European countries. At the same time, TIPA became a platform to communicate with the industry and exchange experiences and information with trust and … Read more

TIPA votes on the best imaging products of 2009

BUDAPEST, 3 April 2009 – The Technical Image Press Association announces that the best photo and imaging products of 2009 have been successfully voted on by representatives of the association’s member magazines during the first session of the annual General Assembly in Budapest.   After ample discussions and in-depth analyses of the products considered eligible … Read more