TIPA members meet at least once a year at the General Assembly to discuss projects, share opinions and comment on industry innovations and trends. During these three-day meetings, TIPA editors also vote for the best photo and imaging products of the year: winners are chosen by majority vote of all member publications. The representatives of TIPA member magazines discuss the Technical Committee's recommendations, but have the final word on which products receive an award.

Rome 1992

Rome 1992

1999 Friburg.

Friburg 1999

2009 Budapest.

Budapest 2009

2012 Capetown

Cape Town 2012

2013 Hong Kong

Hong Kong 2013

2014 Vancouver

Vancouver 2014

2015 Dubai

Dubai 2015

2016 San Francisco

San Francisco 2016

2017 Havana

Havana 2017

2018 Cascais

Cascais 2018