The Nissin MG10 is the next generation of Nissin zoom flashes, equipped with a Micro SD card slot that allows users to update the device easily by themselves. The external motorized zoom allows the MG10 to zoom from 24 to 200mm. With the diffuser it covers a wide angle of 18mm. This powerful zoom flash has a guide number of no less than 80 at 200mm, and 47.5 at 35mm zoom range. The super fast recycling time of only 1.5 seconds with two 26650 Li-ion batteries give the photographer maximum versatility. The MG10 is equipped with a 9W LED modeling light for studio shoots. Controlled by NAS (Nissin Air system) with the Air 10s commander, the MG10 has full-function capability with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Four Thirds and Leica systems.