Chinese Photography monthly is sponsored by the Chinese Photographers Association. It features photographs and reviews on new photographic equipment and techniques. It was first published in 1957 and has the longest history among Chinese Photographic periodicals. A large number of Chinese photographers have become well-known after their images have been published in Chinese Photography. It is a required periodical for professional as well as serious amateur photographers in China.

Magazine details

Country China
Target group Amateur & Semi-Professional Photographers
Editor(s) Jin Yongquan
Published by China Photographers Association
Address Room S502, Longji Building, 67 Jinbao Str., Dongcheng District, Beijing 100005, China
Phone +86 10 65 252277
Fax +86 10 65 257623
Language Chinese
Circulation 138,000
Issues/Year 12
Pages 176
Size 230 x 260 mm
Cover price RMB 32.00
Subscription RMB 384.00
Chinese Photography