Fisheye is a photo magazine that talks about society. Fisheye is a social magazine that talks about photography. Fisheye is a specialized magazine but not a magazine for specialists. Fisheye is an enthusiastic magazine. Fisheye is a curious magazine. Fisheye has its eyes wide open. It sees as through the lens of a reflex as well as through a smartphone screen. Fisheye is not intended for photographers; it is for men and women who love and make pictures. The topics are those of a news magazine; it talks about society, politics, economics, culture, technology and all styles of photography. Technique remains an essential element of photography. Everyone must master it if they want to express themselves freely. This is one of the major concerns we want to explain in each one of our number.

Magazine details

Country France
Target group Interest in photography
Editor(s) √Čric Karsenty
Published by Be Contents
Address 8-10 Passage Beslay, 75011 Paris
Phone +33 1 48 03 73 90
Fax -
Language French
Circulation 22,500
Issues/Year 6
Pages 114
Size 230 x 300 mm
Cover price EUR 4.90
Subscription EUR 25,00