FV/Foto Vídeo Actualidad aims to be an objective observer of all that pertains to Spanish conventional and digital photography, with the basic goal being part of its evolution and to promote the activities of all those, who by profession or interest, cultivate the surprising “art of light”. FV/Foto Vídeo Actualidad reports on cultural activities relating to the world of images, and at the same time, informs on new techniques, as well as new products and their practical application. It regularly publishes thorough technical reports and tests, “how-to” features, portfolios and cultural information.

Magazine details

Country Spain
Target group Amateur & Semi-Professional Photographers
Editor(s) Alfonso del Barrio
Email revistafv@omnicon.es
Published by Omnicón S.A.
Address Seis de diciembre , s/n C.C. local 25, 28023 Madrid, Spain
Phone +34 91 740 20 81
Website www.revistafv.es
Language Spanish
Circulation 5,000
Issues/Year 6
Pages 60
Size 210 x 275 mm
Cover price EUR 5.50
Subscription EUR 25.00 (one year), EUR 50.00 (two years)
FV -  Foto Vídeo Actualidad