A very large website dedicated to the photo enthusiasts. Not a site for beginners. Over 5600 articles, 100’s of videos all available for $12.00 a year. We offer extensive hands on review, and numerous how to articles and videos. Our Forum is one the most active on the internet. Alexis rating 61,291. While other sites are slipping we are growing. We are not a news aggregator site. We also offer workshops for photographers at destinations around the world through our sister site rockhopperworkshops.com. In addition we run a non-profit for photographers the luminous-endowment offering grants for photographers to do certain projects.

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Country USA
Target group Advanced photo enthusiasts
Editor(s) Josh Reichmann
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Address 9104 Ripon Court, Indianapolis, In 46268, USA
Phone +1 317-379-7482
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Website www.luminous-landscape.com
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The Luminous Landscape