“Popular Photography” was launched in 1958 and is supported by the Chinese Photographers Association. The magazine is rooted in China but faces the world. Its circulation ranks first amongst photo and imaging magazines in China. "Popular Photography" witnessed the popularization of Chinese photography, and was the first magazine for learning photography. It spreads photographic culture and leads image consumption in a vivid and lively way. With the development of new media, "Popular Photography" has established a photographic network for the public, forming a comprehensive development structure. The magazine also promotes activities in creation, training, publication etc., and provides a space for photographers to learn and discover.

Magazine details

Country China
Target group Amateurs
Editor(s) Yanjuan Xu
Email reader@pop-photo.com.cn
Published by Chinese Photographers’ Association
Address Room S203, Longji Building, 67 Jinbao Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, P.R.China 100005
Phone +8610 6525 1453
Fax +8610 6513 0094
Website www.pop-photo.com.cn
Language Chinese
Circulation 236,000
Issues/Year 12
Pages 160
Size 185 x 260 mm
Cover price 25 RMB
Subscription 25 RMB