Pf is a Dutch magazine for professional photography and imaging since 1983. Meant for professional makers and users of images. Most of the professional photographers have a subscription to the magazine. In addition to up-to-date changes in the field of professional imaging, every issue contains a portfolio pictures showing the state of the art of a specific discipline in photography. The magazine is published 8 times a year. It also has a free weekly newsletter, a website and a Facebook page. Pf magazine & are a source of information and inspiration. Pf also has a Youtube channel with interviews with international photographers.

Magazine details

Country The Netherlands
Target group Professional Photographers
Editor(s) Ton Hendriks
Published by Virtùmedia
Address Postbus 595, 3700 AN Zeist, The Netherlands
Phone +31 30 3031295
Fax -
Language Dutch
Circulation 6 000
Issues/Year 8
Pages 92
Size 235 x 312 mm
Cover price €9,95
Subscription Regular Holland €110,77, Regular Europe €121,90, Students Holland €63,10
Pf – Professionele Fotografie