ProfiFoto is the the magazine for professional photography. For its target groups – professional photographers and those who want to become professional photographers - it covers photographic technique, international photo-design and digital imaging. It appears ten times a year and comes with the ProfiFoto Spezial, a supplement featuring topics related to professional photography. ProfiFoto shows who photographs what and how. It features photographers, portfolios and studios and gives insight on what is hot in the photographic scene. ProfiFoto also covers news, events, books, exhibitions, legal issues and much more. ProfiFoto is distributed in all German-speaking countries. It has been published for more than 35 years and has a circulation of 19,400.

Magazine details

Country Germany
Target group Professional Photographers and Wannabees
Editor(s) Thomas Gerwers (Chief Editor), Henning Gerwers, Hendrik Neubauer, Ernst Hölters , Kirstin Rappmund-Gerwers
Published by PF Publishing GmbH
Address Muermeln 83 b, 41363 Juechen, Germany
Phone +49 2165 872173
Fax +49 2165 872174
Language German
Circulation 19,400
Issues/Year 10
Pages 118 or more
Size 235 x 306 mm
Cover price EUR 7.80
Subscription EUR 70.00