Réponses Photo supports all photographers, whether they are amateurs or professionals, in order to help them in building their photographic projects, nurturing their inspiration, developing their image culture, publishing their work and choosing their equipment.

Magazine details

Country France
Target group Amateur & Professional Photographers
Editor(s) Yann Garret
Email yann.garret@reworldmedia.com
Published by Reworld Magazines France
Address 40 av. Aristide Briand, 92227 Bagneux, France
Phone +33 1 4186 1712
Website www.reponsesphoto.fr
Language French
Circulation 22,500 total / 21,800 paid
Issues/Year 12
Pages 132
Size 220 x 280 mm
Cover price EUR 6.95
Subscription EUR 55.90
Réponses Photo