Camera Grand Prix Japan 2011 TIPA Joins Awards Ceremony

Results of the Camera Grand Prix 2011

MADRID, 07/06/2011

The Camera GP Japan 2011 Awards Ceremony was held in Tokyo on 1 June 2011 in the presence of the TIPA Chairman Thomas Gerwers. TIPA members for the first time took part in the process of awarding the prestigious Camera GP Japan. Similarly last April the Camera Journal Press Club (CJPC) of Japan took part in the award voting of the TIPA 2011 Awards.

During the ceremony Thomas Gerwers, the Chairman of TIPA, talked about the cooperative agreement between the CJPC and TIPA that was signed at photokina in 2010 and outlined how the CJPC and TIPA would become members of each otherᄍs organisations, would vote for each otherᄍs awards and would mutually promote the CJPC and TIPA awards.

TIPA was founded in 1991 and today has members from five continents. Rather than having an individual member magazine in Japan too, TIPA appreciated the openness of the CJPC and the possibility of exchanging knowledge and expertise with a similar organisation.

The TIPA 2011 awards ceremony will be held on the 30 June in London. Many of the companies attending the Camera GP Japan 2011 awards ceremony will also be represented in the London ceremony.