One year of TIPA Quick Polls
MADRID, 23 November 2009 ヨ Starting in October 2008, the TIPA website began launching a monthly Quick Poll feature. Every month, a question with five possible responses has been posted on the TIPA website ( for website visitors to vote on once. The poll questions have ranged from product preferences and purchasing intentions to other relevant photo and imaging topics. The results of these Quick Polls give a clearer picture of what the polltakers think about products, trends, techniques, and other hot photography and imaging issues.
The results of all polls so far can be viewed at Although the TIPA Quick Polls are not a scientific survey, the results are quite interesting. Is video function in DSLRs preferred? The answer can be found in Quick Poll No. 4, 2009. Want to know how purchasing intentions have changed during one year? Just compare Quick Poll No. 2, 2008 and No. 11, 2009. Does the consumer really want a full-frame sensor? The answer is at