TIPA Ad-campaign to promote “TIPA Awards logo”
MADRID, 15 September 2009 – The TIPA Board of Directors have launched a second ad-campaign during 2009 to help promote the blue TIPA Awards logo. The first ad-campaign, which was launched in spring, portrayed a bunch of similar-looking apples. The second campaign portrays a large school of fish. Both images support the ad’s message of “TIPA brings out the best in imaging”. Only a few of the apples and fish carry the TIPA Awards logo, supporting TIPA’s aim to give expert advice on what are the best photo, video and imaging products each year.
The blue TIPA Awards logo can be found in many places: TIPA member magazines, product packaging, advertisements, etc. Products awarded the TIPA Award have been judged on quality, performance and value – criteria that is are very important to the end-user. Whether for a high-end D-SLR camera or a simple yet brilliant accessory, the TIPA Awards are independent and trust-worthy.