TIPA Announces Winners of “Picture This” Photo Contest

Madrid, 29 January 2024

Camera gear in focus

The Technical Image Press Association proudly announces the winning pictures and photographers in the worldwide “Picture This” Photo Contest, celebrating photographic equipment and its users. 

Thousands of images were received via the Picter web site from photographers from the four corners of the world, proving the worldwide reach of TIPA web sites and publications.

Said Thomas Gerwers, Chairman of the Technical Image Press Association, “Cameras are like musical instruments: they only unfold their magic in the hands of a creative and skillful user. But without them, neither sounds nor images are created, proving that both are a crucial element in the creative process. And that’s why musicians and photographers alike have a special relationship with their instruments, which is reflected in the winning pictures of our competition.”

Contest Categories

There were three submission categories that explored this relationship: “My Camera and I”; “My Camera in Action”; and “What’s in My Camera Bag.” 

Along with display of the chosen images in TIPA member outlets, cash awards of 500 euros for the winner of each category as well as an overall grand prize of 1500 euros for best in show have also been awarded. 

Judging was by a panel of experts composed of TIPA members who all complimented the range of techniques and visions displayed by the worldwide array of photographers who participated. Along with the prize winners, a special shortlist of additional images in each category were named as Honorable Mentions. 

The winners are: 

My Camera and I

Marie Le Moigne – “ELLE que j’appelle JE (She whom I call I)”/ France

The image taken by  Marie Le Moigne impressed the judges with its intermixture of text, subject, scene, tonality, and mood to reveal an intimate self-portrait and inner journey. The result shows how the camera can be a powerful tool for self-expression and interpersonal dialog.

Le Moigne is an established visual artist and teacher of design and applied arts, who has an extensive exhibit portfolio and record. According to her submission statement, her artistic practice “…explores the bridges between visual arts and literature.” Additionally, she often “engages and reflects on societal issues such as feminism, the body, and memory through publications and design journals.”

More of her work and activities can be seen at marielemoigne.com.

What’s in My Camera Bag

Artur Abramiv – “My Standard Mountaineering Kit”/ Ukraine

Since 2020, Artur Abramiv has covered the ethno-culture of remote Carpathian peoples, national food and drink, and animal rights and protection, working as a regular contributor to National Geographic Traveller. He has also covered human rights violations by totalitarian and authoritarian regimes, and works as a contract photographer for Zuma Press and Getty Images for The Guardian, Der Spiegel, MSNBC News, and other media.

For the category “What’s in My Camera Bag”, Abramiv shared another aspect of his work, a counterbalancing and equally passionate subject, the glory of high mountain terrain, allowing him to “capture the most grandiose moments in my life.” His kit illustrates an important lesson for all photographers, to “always be prepared”, and he has built it to match the conditions at hand, especially when they are extreme. The judges felt that his image evokes a lesson on how experience coupled with preparation allows any photographer to make the most out of any photo opportunity.

My Camera in Action & Grand Prize Winner

Leszek Paradowski—”Haunted Photographer”/Poland

The Grand Prize and “My Camera in Action” winning photograph by Leszek Paradowski impressed the judges with its combination of concept, technique, and staging. Pleasing in light, color and of course locale, Paradowski was true to the category in presenting a highly creative vision of not only a self-portrait of him working with his camera but also a wonderful depiction of where photography can lead us as we explore our own creative paths.

In his own words: ”One September morning I went to the lake, hoping that I might find exceptional conditions for photography. It turned out that I had made the perfect choice, as the scenery was unique. Unfortunately, I lacked an idea for a unique shot, so I came up with the idea to experiment a bit. I mounted the main camera on a tripod, planned the frame, and programmed a series of photos with a time delay. I took my spare camera and started posing first on the water surface, then immersed myself, and this photo was taken.” 

A World-Wide Event

In all, entrants came from the around the world, including almost every European country as well as China, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico. Taiwan, Bangladesh, Iran, India, Togo, and the USA, proving that photography is indeed a universal language.

Said TIPA Chairman Gerwers, “We were very pleased to receive so many submissions from photographers around the world. The wide range of techniques and personal points of view displayed the incredibly creative eye fostered by the art and craft of photography, and, as importantly, highlights the very personal relationship between photographers and their gear. 

It proves that images and ideas, coupled with the tools of creativity, create a powerful means of engaging in personal expression and awareness. We salute the winners and sincerely thank all who participated in our Picture This contest, and have already begun plans for future such events.”

Gallery of winning photos