TIPA Announces Winners of the 2022 TIPA World Awards

TIPA Announces Winners of the 2022 TIPA World Awards

Madrid, 19 May 2022

The Technical Image Press Association has announced the winners of the 2022 TIPA World Awards. Along with exciting cameras and lenses that cover a wide range of categories, from expert to professional, the 40 TIPA World Award winners represent the wide range of products and services that make up the imaging industry today, including cameras, lenses, inkjet papers and printers, imaging software, video, lighting, monitors, cameraphones, and more. 

Said Thomas Gerwers, Chairman of TIPA, “Each year we have more and more products and new and exciting technology that continue to fuel growth in our industry. We believe that now more than ever our support of the industry and the people who work so hard, be it in production, distribution, or marketing, deserve our thanks and appreciation for their efforts to continue to develop new and exciting products that both expand imaging creativity and potential and point the way to new and exciting technologies in the future.”

The Award Process

Beginning in late 2021 and through April, 2022, nominations were gathered by the TIPA Technical Committee, composed of members from Australia, Canada, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, and the United States. New categories that incorporate emerging trends and technology were considered, editors from member magazines were consulted, equipment was tested and evaluated, and evaluative discussions were held right up until the General Assembly meeting in late April, 2022.

Finalists were voted on at the TIPA General Assembly on April 29, 2022, held this year at Leitz Park in Wetzlar, Germany, and attended by representatives from TIPA member magazines from around the world, including a delegate from the Japan Camera Press Club, with some members attending online due to travel restrictions.

TIPA World Awards Winners

TIPA World Award honorees this year include long-time industry companies as well as new entrants who represent emerging trends in the photo/imaging industry. While the pandemic and supply chain issues naturally had an adverse effect on sales this past year, many companies brought forth new and exciting products in the camera, lens, software, monitor, video, lighting, smartphone and printer/paper categories.

New full frame mirrorless, MFT, APS-C and medium format cameras all offered higher megapixel counts, special features for tracking, greater sensitivity and speed, and wider dynamic range, all while being more compact, lightweight and portable. The influence of vloggers and content creators made for new categories in both cameras and accessories, while the continued growth of AI made for exciting new processing software capabilities. The lens category in particular displayed special vigor, with both specialty and classic focal length ranges being brought forth. Of special note in this year’s TIPA World Awards are three new cameraphone categories, indicating the growing influence of this mode of imaging on all levels of the marketplace.

In all, the TIPA World Awards encompass a wide range of new and exciting photographic goods and services while reflecting the advance of technology and changing needs of the consumer and professional photographer. Exciting new developments in AI, sensors, and connectivity point the way towards even greater creative potential for image makers and content creators in the years ahead.

Japan Camera Journal Press Club Honorees

Each year, TIPA and the Japan Camera Journal Press Club both contribute a vote towards the selection of each other’s  award winners. In 2022, the CJPC Japan honorees are:

  • Camera Grand Prix: Nikon Z 9
  • Lens Award: Sony FE 50mm F1.2 GM
  • Readers’ Award: Nikon Z 9
  • CJPC Editors’ Choice Technology Award: Canon EOS R3 (for Eye Control AF)
  • CJPC Editors’ Choice R&D Award: Nikon Z fc (Z50 with “Nikon’s heritage” for young people)

2022 TIPA World Awards Ceremony

The live and simulcast 2022 TIPA World Awards Ceremony will take place during Photopia in Hamburg, Germany, October 13-16, 2022. The specific date and time will be posted on the TIPA website well before the event.

–For a full list of the 2022 TIPA World Award winners, along with award citations and images, please visit www.tipa.com.