TIPA Announces Winners of the TIPA World Awards 2021

TIPA Announces Winners of the TIPA World Awards 2021

Madrid, Spain, 20 May 2021

The Technical Image Press Association has announced the winners of the TIPA World Awards 2021. Along with exciting cameras and lenses that cover every category, from entry level to expert to professional, TIPA World Award winners in 40 categories represent the wide range of products and services that make up the imaging industry today, including cameras and lenses, papers and printers, imaging software, still and video accessories, lighting, monitors and more.

Said Thomas Gerwers, Chairman of TIPA, “Each year we have more and more products and new and exciting technology that continue to fuel growth in our industry. Given the extraordinary circumstances the world and our industry face today, and our hope that we will overcome the current situation, we all felt that we should continue with our efforts in recognizing the best imaging products of 2021.

“We believe that now more than ever our support of the industry and the people who work so hard, be it in production, distribution, or marketing, deserve our thanks and appreciation for their efforts to continue to develop new and exciting products that both expand imaging creativity and potential and point the way to new and exciting technologies in the future. Of course, while the process of nomination and selection of award winners had to adapt to the circumstances, we maintained our usual rigorous standards in our considerations.”

The Award Process
Beginning in late 2020 and through April 2021, nominations within select categories were gathered by the TIPA Technical Committee. Editors from member magazines were consulted, equipment was tested and evaluated, and new categories, representing emerging imaging trends were considered.

Finalists are usually voted on at the TIPA General Assembly, attended by representatives from TIPA member magazines from around the world, including a delegate from the Japan Camera Press Club, but circumstances led us to gather around an online discussion and voting procedure, which took place on 30 April 2021.

“Our hope,” said Thomas Gerwers, “ is first of all that everyone remains safe and that this pandemic eases. We look forward to organizing an in-person General Assembly next year to welcome new member publications and work with editors from the worldwide TIPA group of professional, amateur, and business magazines and online publications to support and grow the imaging industry.”

As of this date, the TIPA World Awards 2021 ceremony will take place at Photopia/Hamburg on Friday, 24 September 2021.

TIPA World Awards Winners
TIPA World Award honourees this year include long-time industry companies as well as new entrants and those who represent emerging trends in the photo/imaging industry, in addition to awards that recognize specific market segments and applications. While the pandemic naturally had an adverse effect on sales this past year, companies brought forth new and exciting products in the camera and lens categories, although we note that mirrorless introductions have all but replaced what was once a full-house of DSLRs. New full frame, APS-C and medium format cameras all offered higher megapixel counts, greater sensitivity and dynamic range, all while being more compact, lightweight and portable. The influence of vloggers and content creators made for new categories in both cameras and accessories, while new lenses for mirrorless cameras offered wider aperture and advanced coupling features.

In all, the TIPA World Awards encompass a wide range of photographic goods and services while reflecting the advance of technology and the changing trends of the consumer and professional photographer.

For a full list of the TIPA World Award 2021 winners, along with award citations and images, please visit www.tipa.com.