TIPA continues offering camera tests to its members
MADRID, 14/12/09 – Camera testing is one service that the Technical Image Press Association provides to its member magazines on a regular basis. Most TIPA members conduct their own product testing in order to give their readers informed and first-hand product reviews. To further support TIPA members with the testing of digital cameras, TIPA has been contracting BetterNet GmbH in Heidelberg, Germany since 2005 to perform routine digital camera tests based on an independent and objective testing method. Approximately 36 digital cameras are tested per year and TIPA members are free to use these tests in their own publications as well as on their websites. By combining their own field tests with the precise lab tests of BetterNet, members are able to publish comprehensive and authenticated camera reviews that their readers can count on.
The TIPA sponsored tests range from small compact cameras to popular DSLRs and even up to high-tech medium format models. Also as a unique service, some camera tests are performed under pre-embargo agreements and provided to our members the same day as the embargo release. This gives our members the opportunity to be some of the first to publish reports on the newest trends in digital photography.
All of the cameras that are tested are selected and coordinated by the TIPA Technical Committee, who is responsible for preparing and submitting a list of possible product nominees to our members at the annual TIPA Awards Voting Session.
A few of the top cameras tested in 2009:
Canon EOS 7D
Leica M9
Nikon D3X
Nikon D3S
Panasonic GF1
Sony Alpha 850