TIPA Extends Picter Photo Contest, Clarifies Submission Categories
TIPA Picture This: Camera Shots! photo contest

Madrid, 7 November 2023

The Technical Image Press Association has extended the submission deadline for its “Picture This” photo contest with submissions to the Picter contest site now being accepted until 15 January, 2024. In a further development, and to better guide entrants, TIPA has issued specific guidelines for each of the three image categories, with each specifically dealing with photo activity and photo gear.  

The three categories are:

1-My camera and I: Think “camera selfie.” A self-portrait with camera in hand. Use reflective surfaces or even set another camera on a tripod or surface and use a self-timer with just you and your camera as the subjects. Can also be a beauty shot of a unique piece of gear.

2-My camera in action: We are looking for photos showing photographers and their camera at work . Think context (sports event, nature walk, studio setup), accessories like a tripod and flash, special use of lenses, and interesting positioning you might use to get a great angle of view.

3-What’s in my camera bag: Clever and artistic arrangements of cameras, lenses, accessories, filters, even film. Show off what you might carry into the field for nature work, sports work, even astrophotography. Can be inside the bag or arrayed around it. Attention should be paid to lighting, depth of field, and arrangement of your photo kit.

As a reminder, awards will be given to the top three images in each category, with a grand award for the overall best image among all entries.

To upload images please visit: https://site.picter.com/tipa-photo-contest-2023

For further questions write us: office@tipa.com

And follow us on Facebook at: https://facebook.com/Technical.Image.Press.Association