TIPA goes global with new members from Canada, South Africa and USA
BUDAPEST, 3 April 2009 – In 1991, 25 European photo magazines decided in Paris to give birth to the Technical Image Press Association to promote cooperation and understanding between magazines from different European countries. At the same time, TIPA became a platform to communicate with the industry and exchange experiences and information with trust and an open mind.
At the General Assembly 2009 held in Budapest, TIPA members voted to transform the association from a European into a global organization of photo and imaging magazines.
With the world getting smaller and styles more and more uniform, TIPA decided time had come to grow and strengthen its image and influence at an international level. "Today, by accepting member magazines from other continents", said president Thomas Gerwers, "TIPA confirms its position as a leader among any other organisation of photo and imaging magazines in the world".
The General Assembly voted to open its membership doors to four new members. So the association is now strongly made up 29 magazines from 13 countries. The European group grew by one member after accepting "Photography Monthly", which is published in the UK by Archant Specialist and whose "Professional Photographer" magazine already was a TIPA member.
From Canada comes "PHOTO LIFE", published in Quebec City by Apex Publications. Also accepted is the South African "PiX Magazine", published in Johannesburg by DGR Media. And last but not least, TIPA announces "SHUTTERBUG" published in New York City by Source Interlink Media as the third intercontinental member.
TIPA welcomes the new members and is excited for this new challenge. In difficult times it is well-known that you have to invest and "think big". TIPA is eager to be able to spread its message of enthusiasm and optimism about photography to a huge audience worldwide and make the power of its blue logo more effective than ever.