TIPA Members Meet in Lisbon, Portugal to Vote for the TIPA WORLD AWARDS 2018

TIPA Members Meet in Lisbon, Portugal to Vote for the TIPA WORLD AWARDS 2018

TIPA Members Meet in Lisbon, Portugal to Vote for the TIPA WORLD AWARDS 2018

Cascais, 19 April 2018

The General Assembly of the Technical Image Press Association gathered in Lisbon, Portugal from 5-7 April 2018 to vote on the annual TIPA WORLD AWARDS for the Best Imaging Products of 2018. Editors from 29 professional, amateur, and business publications in print and online, from Asia, Australia, Europe and North and South America, with a delegate from the Camera Journal Press Club in Japan, discussed and then voted on TIPA WORLD AWARD winners. The grand awards ceremony and presentation will take place during photokina in Cologne, Germany on the 26 September 2018.

Along with exciting cameras and lenses that cover every category, from entry level to expert to professional, TIPA WORLD AWARD winners represent the wide range of products and services that make up the imaging industry today, including printers, inkjet papers, imaging software, storage media, actioncams, accessories, 360-degree cameras, and more.

At the General Assembly the members voted to appoint George Schaub from Shutterbug, USA to the board. They also approved Popular Photography from China as a new member, so extending the presence of TIPA in Asia. The globalization of TIPA is reflected in the naming of the awards as TIPA WORLD AWARD.

The Award Process
Underlying the prestige of a TIPA WORLD AWARDS is the process by which winners are chosen. Beginning right after the main “trade show season”, stretching from late September through early February of the following year, nominations within categories are gathered by the TIPA Technical Committee. Equipment is tested and evaluated, and new categories, representing emerging imaging trends, are considered.

A list of finalists is compiled and sent to editors of the TIPA member publications from around the world, who then comment and make further suggestions about products that should be added to specific categories. The information is collated and evaluated and a list of finalists is chosen. Winners are then voted upon and chosen at a General Assembly of all member publications.

In short, the TIPA World Award process is one that draws upon a global panel of knowledgeable experts who are exposed to a wide range of products. Through their publication’s reach and editorial content they serve a readership that has come to count on them for an honest and trustworthy appraisal of photo and imaging products. 

Award honorees included long-time industry companies as well as new entrants and those who represent emerging trends in the photo/imaging industry.

For a full list of the TIPA WORLD AWARD 2018 winners, along with award citations and images, please visit www.tipa.com.