CJPC Awards Camera Grand Prix Winners

Madrid, 2 December 2014

TIPA invites you to take part in the world’s largest photo art contest. The theme is “Discover the world: open (y)our eyes to the beauty of planet Earth”. Submissions for photo entries close on the 23 March 2015.


Photography’s significance to modern history and our common future can never be disputed or diminished. In 2014 we celebrated the 175th anniversary of the invention of photography in 1839, and almost from the very beginning, photography has been used to document life, record evidence, and capture information on all aspects of human activity on Earth.

The TIPA association recognises and celebrates the significant role photography continues to play in all our lives. Despite rapidly advancing technology in cameras, the essence of photography never changes; only the direction in which you point your camera. With this in mind, TIPA invites you to submit your photographs in the “Discover the world: open (y)our eyes to the beauty of planet Earth” photo contest.

The “TIPA Photo Trophy 2015” forms part of the “Trierenberg Super Circuit & Special Themes Circuit 2015“, the world’s largest photo art contest, held since 1992. Over the years, amateurs, professionals, photographic clubs and artists have submitted more than 101 000 images to the contest and entries have been received from over 110 countries around the globe.

The “TIPA Photo Trophy” special theme is free to enter and offers a first prize of €5000, second prize of €3000 and third prize of €2000. The closing date for entering images into the contest is the 23 March 2015.

For more information about the “TIPA Photo Trophy 2015” and the “Trierenberg Super Circuit & Special Themes Circuit 2015” visit www.tipa-photocontest.com or www.supercircuit.at .