TIPA awards 2013 logo

Madrid, Spain 3/5/13

The TIPA association is pleased to reveal its new logo. The new logo draws on the legacy of the old logo, but moreover, is still bold and prestigious, and accentuates TIPA’s globalisation strategy.

"The new TIPA logo and visual identity marks a significant milestone for TIPA, and celebrate the launch of a new era for the organisation," said Thomas Gerwers, Chairman of TIPA.

TIPA was established in 1991, and has evolved and grown over the years. During the early years, TIPA was represented by editors from European photo magazines, and in 2009 a decision was made to transform the organisation into a global entity. Today, TIPA is represented by members from five continents.

The new logo is an updated version of TIPA’s iconic royal blue and yellow stars. The new logo design is bold and prestigious, and represent some elements from the past, such as the contemporary, pure and simple typography. The gold text on the black background symbolises TIPA as an esteemed organisation, and the white globe embodies TIPA’s global dimension and growth.

"We are very proud of the transformation and growth of TIPA over the years, and the new visual identity builds on the association’s prestigious position it holds in the photographic industry", said Thomas Gerwers, Chairman of TIPA.

  ユ  The components of the logo should never be separated
  ユ  The logo should never be decorated, altered, distorted or recreated in any way
  ユ  The logo must be reproduced from an original electronic file

The new TIPA logo and the Brand-identity Guidelines can be requested from the TIPA office.