TIPA World Awards 2023 Announced

April 13, 2023

Winners in 40 Categories Reveal Current Trends, New Technologies in Photo/Imaging Industry

The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) is very pleased to announce the TIPA World Awards 2023 for the Best Photo and Imaging Products of the year. The awards reflect the current state as well as the future direction of technology, products, and services that appeal to professional, enthusiast and amateur consumers and serve as an indication of exciting things to come in the photo and imaging fields. Perhaps as important, the awards process revealed no lack of contenders in each of the categories, proving that despite economic headwinds the industry remains fully committed to innovation and new product development.

At the annual General Assembly of TIPA members, held this year in Barcelona, Spain, representatives from TIPA’s worldwide group of professional, amateur, and business magazines and online publications from Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, with a delegate from the Camera Journal Press Club in Japan, voted on TIPA World Award winners in 40 different product categories.

Along with exciting cameras and lenses that cover every category, from entry level to expert to professional, TIPA member representatives voted on a wide range of products and services that make up the imaging industry today, including software, on-demand print products, monitors, storage media, accessories, vlogging gear, and lighting.

New trends in AI, in both cameras and processing software, the growing blending of still and video recording capabilities in cameras in every market category from enthusiast to pro, the advances in both technology and offerings in the print-on-demand market, and the remarkable advances in both the dynamic range and capture capabilities of advanced cameras all marked new and exciting products and services that will change the face of the photo and imaging market in the future.

Being chosen by photo and imaging editors from around the world, the TIPA World Award logo is universally recognized as designating the highest quality photo and imaging products. These awards serve as a source of pride among companies receiving the TIPA World Award as well as a benchmark that provides helpful guidance to consumers in making their purchasing decisions.

Said Thomas Gerwers, Chairman of TIPA, “Every year, our process for choosing the TIPA World Award winners involves research, testing, and decisions about how each winner will bring new capabilities and excitement to the photo and imaging sector. This year, cutting edge technology, new trends in professional and consumer needs, including products for the vlogging community, and the continued evolution of imaging capabilities were all on display and we offer our congratulations to the winners for a job well done.”

The TIPA World Awards presentation ceremony will be held this year at PHOTOPIA Hamburg, Germany during its annual event in late September, 2023.

For the full list of winners along with citations and images please visit the 2023 Awards page.

About TIPA 

The Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) is an organization comprised of editors and representatives of photographic magazines and online publications from North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, as well as individual imaging and technology expert members. Spanning the consumer, professional, and trade sectors, each member is dedicated to bringing the message of the joy of photography as well as providing technical, business, and industry news and information to their readers.