What’s in a Logo? TIPA Releases Survey Results on the Value of Awards

Madrid, 30 January 2023

TIPA, the Technical Image Press Association, polled photographers on their purchases of photographic products during 2022, their awareness and the importance of awards the products received from various organizations, and how peer opinion and publication test reports influenced their purchasing decisions.

While 2022 had its marketing challenges, according to the survey over 60% of all respondents purchased photographic goods, products and services in the last year.

In terms of award influence and awareness, a full 47% indicated the TIPA World Awards as most influential, which made it the top choice among branded award organizations. As to the influence and importance of awards, 87% of respondents responded that awards were important in forming their purchasing decisions.

The role of photographic publications, online and in print, was also addressed in terms of other decision-making factors. The survey showed a weighting of at least 50% among each of three information sources: reports on product tests, reviews, and expert recommendations, all of which reinforce the importance of online and print photo- and imaging-related publications in creating a vibrant market for imaging products and services.

Survey respondents were also queried about where they had seen award logos in concert with editorial, advertising or packaging. The majority, 76%, mentioned online, which includes readership of editorial from magazines repurposed for online viewing, 39% indicated print magazines, 32% indicated product advertising, with 13% logo awareness on product packaging.

In all, the survey reinforces the strong influence of awards and expert media coverage of photographic and imaging product purchases by amateur, enthusiast, and professional consumers, a combination that in essence defines TIPA member publications and the TIPA World Awards program.