Picture This! Camera Shots

Here are the results of the Technical Image Press Association (TIPA)/Picter photo contest. We received thousands of images from avid photographers around the world showcasing their creative interpretation of the call for images in three categories: “My Camera and I”; “My Camera in Action”; and “What’s in My Camera Bag.” 

The submitted images displayed a wide range of techniques and interpretations that proved that photographers from around the world share a passion and love of the art and craft of photography as they showcased the creative use of their photo and imaging gear. The catchphrase: “Photography, the Universal Language” is as true now as it has ever been.

Our congratulations go to the winners shown here, and our very special thanks to all those who took the time and creative energy to participate.

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Theme: My camera in action

Leszek Paradowski

Overall and Category winner:

Leszek Paradowski


Haunted photographer

Honorable mentions

Jahid Alam Apu

Jahid Alam Apu – Bangladesh
Light, Life & Action

Artur Bolzhurov

Artur Bolzhurov – Kyrgyzstan
Eric Gourlain. The photographer.

Ehsan Fatemi

Ehsan Fatemi – Iran
Nava near Damavand

Diana Garza

Diana Garza – Mexico
Te filmo

Josef Hinterleitner

Josef Hinterleitner – Austria
Finn der Knipser

Katharine Kollman

Katharine Kollman – USA
Photograph of me and my Nikonos V diving

Morgan Liao

Morgan Liao – Taiwan
Nature versus humans

Nika Pailodze

Nika Pailodze – Georgia
0 (43)

Mario Pereda

Mario Pereda – Spain
Monument Valley

Theme: What’s in my camera bag

Artur Abramiv

Category winner:

Artur Abramiv


My standard mountaineer kit

Honorable mentions

Artur Abramiv

Artur Abramiv – Ukraine
European trip kit

Ute Hartung

Ute Hartung – Germany
Light equipment

Carlos Llamas

Carlos Llamas – USA
My beloved Rolleiflex

Lina Mensah

Lina Mensah – Togo
Photographic Eclecticism-1

Morteza Nikoubazl

Morteza Nikoubazl – Iran
All my bag

Nika Pailodze

Nika Pailodze – Georgia
0 (44)

Christina Pashkina

Christina Pashkina – Ukaraine
What’s in my creative backpack

Lydia Schreibikus (Suslova)

Lydia Schreibikus (Suslova) – Russia

Maximilian Weinzierl

Maximilian Weinzierl – Germany
In meinem Kamerarucksack beim Fahrradfahren

Theme: My camera and I

Marie Le Moigne

Category winner:

Marie Le Moigne


ELLE que j’appelle JE

Honorable mentions

Dane Beesley

Dane Beesley – Australia
Camera Ready

Michael Bolleber

Michael Bolleber – Switzerland
Self II

Haohui Liu

Haohui Liu – Chinas
My camera and I

Iaci Lopes

Iaci Lopes – Brazil
Self Portrait 2023

J. F. Novotny

J. F. Novotny – Germany
Me and my Pentax Auto 110

Alexandre Parrot

Alexandre Parrot – France
The picture box

Tatyana Potapova

Tatyana Potapova – Russia
Me and me and me again

Malika Giovannievna Romanova

Malika Giovannievna Romanova – Italy
Photographic view

Daniela Souza

Daniela Souza – Brazil